The KARINFRAIDENRAIJ label stands for modern knitting designs made from camelide wool.

Heritage recomposed
KARINFRAIDENRAIJ is a meeting of zeitgeist and tradition: The knitting designs are based on classic cuts focusing on clear lines and simple silhouettes. They are combined with lovingly created details like South-American patterns, Asian embroideries, ornaments or playfully romantic hems – trademarks of the collection as integral as the basic material, camelide wool.

Slow Fashion
Nowadays majority of products of our label are knitted by machines to obtain even finer loops and stitches. Nevertheless some products are still handmade and therefore unmistakably one of a kind. The minutest irregularities found in a handmade item make it unique and authentic.

Fair is beautiful
Products with the KARINFRAIDENRAIJ label are produced in the area of the Andes. The designer chooses to work with select local South American manufacturers which remunerate their seamstresses fairly and with farms treating lamas and alpacas appropriate to the species.

Global fashion, local style

The KARINFRAIDENRAIJ label stands for the designer’s dream to combine the best of both of the worlds she inhabits – South America and Europe.