Principle sustainability & ethics

We are dedicated to producing KARINFRAIDENRAIJ knitwear in an ethical and environmentally sustainable manner. We champion social fairness and ecological awareness and strive to produce high-quality fashion on this basis.

Our high-quality knitwear is made from the fine wool of lamas and alpacas, animals that have adapted ideally to the extreme conditions of their natural habitat in the Andes. Thanks to their highly effective digestive system they manage to convert their sparse nutrition into energy. Lamas and alpacas do not destroy grasses or lichens because they do not tear out the plants’ roots (unlike sheep and goats). They do not contribute to ground erosion thanks to the soft cushioning of their toes (again: unlike sheep and goat).

We consciously decided to let these fine lama and alpaca wools be cultivated locally. The shearing starts an extensive process to create a finished wool yarn. The shearing wool will be sorted according to quality and color before it is cleaned in dry condition using machinery and huge combs. This is followed by a multi-level washing procedure using only biodegradable soaps. The residual water will be purified and reintroduced into the natural cycle, a contribution to the preservation of drinking water in the Andes. After the wool has dried, it will be spun, carefully spooled and packaged as so-called wool yarn tops.

Because the production of yarns, fabrics and clothing from lama and alpaca wool is a major factor of employment, the textile industry is in a position to contribute greatly to the preservation of jobs in the developing countries of Latin America. If these jobs are remunerated fairly, living standards for the involved families will improve. Since most of the employed workers are female, women’s societal position is also strengthened.

We cooperate with a few, carefully selected production sites in the South American Andes making sure that they act according to ethical and moral principles and strive for high quality. These plants pay above-standard rates, have regulated working hours and provide insurance and benefits.

KARINFRAIDENRAIJ mainly uses materials which are certified and controlled by WRAP.